10 Top Music Production Schools To Help you Pursue Your Music Career

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Are you a music aficionado, but do not know where to to enhance your skills and talents? Do you wish to be mentored by top industry professionals who are eager to impart their experiences to their apprentices? Do you want to get involved in an actual studio recordings and music engineering labs? Do you dream of making it big in the music industry?

Music Career

We have listed below 10 of the top music production schools across the United States with convictions to develop a new breed of artists, engineers and producers who probably bring the art of music to a higher level.

  • Columbia College Chicago: Columbia College Chicago is an acknowledged forerunner in arts and media education in the USA.  The college offers a Bachelor’s degree in Music Business – a program that exposes its students to the various aspects of the music industry from theories to actual production of their recorded works.  The program also allows students to gain significant exposure and experience by immersing them to the works of professional musicians.
  • Illinois Institute of Art: The Bachelor of Science in Audio Production offered in the institute allows the students to learn the art of mixing, editing, recording and mastering audio works.  The program aims is to enrich the students understandings on the theoretic and technical aspects of audio production.
  • New York University: The university offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, Major in Recorded Music.  The program thoroughly covers the business side of the music industry, actual studio productions and critical analyses on the impact of music.  The main objective of the program is to develop students to become future music entrepreneurs.
  • California College of Music: Founded in 1998, the college’s main goal is to develop great musicians by being vigilant to new music trends and by regular evaluation of their teaching methodologies.  These activities are part of their commitment to prepare their students to the modern, 21st Century music industry.
  • Los Angeles City College: The college offers a program for instrument performance learning.  Their newly renovated facilities provide students with state-of-the-art music learning experience and wide exposure to the music industry.  It has a newly-built 150-seater lecture hall, electronic studios and new music library.
  • University of Denver: The oldest and largest university in Colorado offers music programs for both graduate and undergraduate levels covering conservatory, jazz and commercial music genres. The college is equipped with modern recording facilities, individual recording rooms and a large recital hall. Students of Denver get to experience hands-on training with their latest music production equipment. The courses offered also cover exposure to MIDI music production, music technologies and studio recording.
  • Georgia State University: The university’s school of music offers a program in music technology covering music engineering and production.  The college focuses on the enhancement of the artistic, technical and producing skills of the students.  Enrollees are must however undergo an audition before being evaluated for acceptance in the college.
  • Full Sail University: This technical school located in Winter Park Florida offers a Music Business degree for undergraduates.  The program includes music management, law, distribution and marketing – all critical angles needed to be studied upon if you dream of becoming a music entrepreneur in the future. The course also covers music history and introduction to the media.
  • Berklee College of Music: The college offers future music specialists and professionals a wide range of programs from short term courses to masters degree programs. The college is known for its   modern method applications in the music industry.
  • The University of Hartford: The University offers two 4-year Bachelor’s degrees in Music- Music Production and Technology and Music Management. The programs include both acoustic and electronic music production and technology and broadly covers the full-profit and non-profit areas of the industry.

If you really have a passion for great music and dreams of becoming a successful in the art of music-making, then do not have a second thought of enriching your skills and talents further.